Greetings Family,

The President of the DMR National Committee, along with the Officers, would like to welcome you to website.
Thank you for taking the time to visit. We would like for every family member who visits this site to understand that it was developed to provide descendants of the Dumas, McAuley and Robinson families a means of open communication with one another, so that we can continue to grow in a positive and productive manner. The National Committee will use the website to keep everyone informed of the latest updates regarding the Bi-Annual Family Reunion as well as share other family events, announcements, pictures and videos. We also have provided on our website, an easy and convenient way to pay your registration fees and national dues.
The DMR National Committee is interested in hearing from our family members. Please take a moment to look around the site and share your comments. This will assist us as we continue to move forward. Please use the contact form on the website or drop the National Committee an email at with your suggestions. We will continue to build upon our family tradition by providing the latest information on our site as needed.

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With that being said, I would like for each of you to remember our family motto:
“We are not resting on a tradition, we are building one”.

Cephus L. McAuley